Getting On My Nerves

Instead of sharing some of my experiences today, I’m asking you about yours.

In the four, almost five years I’ve had RA, it’s never effected any nerves.  A couple nights ago I was typing a lot, and my right wrist began to swell some.  I kept typing, and eventually I started to notice that the skin around my wrist and ulna bone was extremely sensitive.  I’m not quite sure how to describe it, really, because it wasn’t exactly painful but it wasn’t pleasant either.  It almost felt like a tingling sensation, but not.

My mom thought it was carpal tunnel at first, but after googling it I found out that carparl tunnel effects your palm and thumb more than anything.  Then I started to wonder if the swelling in my wrist had pinched a nerve.

It seems to be better today, although my wrist is still a little swollen and at times the sensation comes back.

Do any of you experience something similar?