I’ve had to wear my splint on my thumb more often than usual, a result of my little  clumsy moments I seem to have in abundance lately.  Because of it, people have recognized me in class and around campus as the “RA Blog” girl.  It’s been, well, kinda weird to be honest, but kinda cool, too.  I expected followers from the online RA community, but not so much from my peers.  Okay, it’s REALLY cool.  But anyways, you’ve all had quite a few questions for my bum thumb and I, which gave me the idea to do a FAQ section.  I’ll try to update this section from time to time as well.


1.  Why do you wear a splint?  Is your thumb broken?:  Nope, it’s not broken (knock on wood!).  I had not faced many problems with my thumb throughout the whole time I’ve had RA.  However, in the past six months it has turned into the primary joint effecting me.  My rheumatologist reccomended a cortisone injection in my thumb (it’s the middle joint of my thumb, to clarify), however after doing some research and quite a bit of thinking, I came to the conclusion that the injection wasn’t for me.  Therefore, while I wait for the Methotrexate to kick in, I’m doing everything I can to make sure I do not aggrevate that joint, which is why I wear my splint.

I’m a pretty clumsy person.  I hit my thumb pretty much every time I make my bed without the splint on.  So I wear the splint whenever I feel it needs extra protection, and I wear it more often on bad days just to further protect it.

2.  Is the RA only in your thumb?:  No.  RA can be in any joint, and for the majority of us, it is in several.  We usually have one or two bad areas that hurt periodically (like my hands), and then other joints hurt at random.  Tomorrow my elbows could hurt.  Then the next day it could be my knees.  Or it could be one knee and one elbow and one toe.  You never really know what kind of day you’ll have or what joints will be bothersome until you get out of bed.

I usually have pain in my hands, wrists, and toes.  During bad weather, my hips and knees also hurt.  And then everything else is random.

3.  Do you take medication for RA?:   Yes, I take medication.  Any individual with RA who doesn’t have to take medication is one lucky sucker.  VERY lucky.  Most of us take several medications, such as painkillers, biologics, Methotrexate, and other meds that combat the side effects of those meds.  And most of us take these medications for the rest of our lives.  They definitely help, though.

4.  When did you find out you had RA?:  I was 15 when I was diagnosed.

If any of you have other questions for me and you see me around campus, I encourage you to come up and talk to me.  Educating the Non-RA community is part of my goal in creating this blog.  You can also zip me an email at carilena_08@yahoo.com, or come find me on Facebook.  You can also add Facebook group for My Bum Thumb here (you don’t have to have RA to join).

Thanks for reading.  🙂

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