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What girl doesn’t like new shoes??

Several weeks ago, my Dad pointed out a New Balance commercial to me.  They advertised all this equipment that could measure your foot and your gait so that they could find the perfect fitting shoe for you.  This sounded like an excellent adventure for my swollen feet and I, so last Sunday my Dad and I went in search of the store.  I’ve had several problems with my toes lately, so I’m hoping some new shoes will help me get around easier.

The store's expert was able to analyze this picture of my feet and determine what pair of shoes and what insert would best suit me.

When I arrived at Sole Solutions in Hot Springs, my feet were measured and evaluated in several ways.  To the left is an image of my feet while in a normal standing position.  You’ll notice I apparently put more pressure on my left foot than my right, something I think I do subconsciously since I tend to have more pain in my right foot.  Interesting, huh?

After all of the evaluations, the store’s expert recommended trying a couple different pairs of shoes, along with a specific insert that provides a lot of arch support.  It took a while to find a pair of shoes that would fit well (I have very narrow feet, and according to the lady waiting on me, they’re just a little narrow-er than the narrowest size).

The third pair I tried on (with the inserts) fit me the best, although not perfectly.  Nevertheless, I’m am hopeful that these bad boys will be much nicer to my feetsies than my old, flat-footed converse.  It might take a little while to break them in as they’re a little uncomfortable now, but I have a feeling they will become my new best friends (second only to my heating pad).  🙂

In the next couple days I’ll post part 2 of my adventures with my college’s disabilities office.  If you have not already, check out the My Bum Thumb Facebook group here.

As always, stay healthy!  🙂


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  1. Louise
    Mar 10, 2010 @ 02:27:32

    Hi Cari – I’m really enjoying reading your blog. I’ve been diagnosed with RA only a month and it’s been a crazy, ridiculous, painful, confusing roller coaster ride so far. I like your positive outlook and find your info REALLY helpful. Just a question about this post – are the inserts hard moulded like an orthotic or do they have any shock absorber foam. I’m thinking I could do with some new shoes – but hey, it’s the damn laces I have the problem with!! 🙂


    • Cari Elliott
      Mar 10, 2010 @ 15:22:02

      That’s a very good question, Louise: the inserts are not hard molded but do have absorber foam. They aren’t specifically intended for people with arthritis, but are simply the best for my feet (with or without RA). The theory is that having the best possible shoes for my feet will eliminate causing more RA problems that a flat-footed converse shoe might.

      If you are having problems with laces I would suggest trying elastic laces. I’ve never tried them personally, but I’ve been told they are a great help. They also make crimped shoelaces that do not become loose and untied, which is what I opted for when I got my new shoes. The crimping holds the laces in place.

      I hope that helps! Thank you for reading. 🙂


  2. Laurie
    Mar 10, 2010 @ 07:21:56

    Good luck with the shoes, Cari! Let us know how they turn out! 🙂 Laurie


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